A Better Way for a Better World

We have arrived at a turning point.

Our solutions-focused gatherings bring together leaders from around the world in the areas of health, law, journalism, activism, and more to learn, explore, create, and collaborate. And you’re invited to join us!

How do we create a Better Way?

The inaugural Better Way Conference held in May 2022 in Bath, UK, was a forum that brought people together to co-create new ways of living and working that promote health, sense-making, and well-being. Participants included health, law, and environmental experts, human rights advocates, independent journalists, and laypeople from around the world, both in person and online.

Together, we invited each other to step away from fear and into community. We learned from each other and engaged in lively discussion with respectful curiosity and openness, embodying the better way we wish to see for ourselves and generations to come, welcoming, compassionate, inclusive, wise, and joyful.

7 Principles of a Better Way

Our Conferences


UK Doctors Conference

This is an exciting one day conference for UK doctors in the heart of London. During this unique event, we will network, collaborate and explore solutions to transform current challenges into opportunities and empower excellent health for all. Online sales for the UK Doctors Conference have now closed. Limited tickets will be on sale at the door for £150.

Join us on Sunday, October 16 for a FREE frequency medicine workshop.

Vienna: Bringing Fascinating People to a Fascinating Place

Famous for its stunning architecture, rich history and culture, cafés, and gorgeous surroundings, Vienna is a popular tourist destination in Europe. Thought of as the birthplace of classical music and so much more, what better place to continue the birth of the Better Way.
Vienna has a tradition of bridging divides. Since the end of World War II, Vienna has been an internationally accepted neutral ground for opposing blocs and ideologies. It is therefore fitting for Vienna to host a conference co-creating a better way forward. We are pleased to have supported this event hosted by WCH partner #wirzeigenunserGesicht (We Show Our Faces).



Bath: Bringing Healing to the World from a Healing City

What better city in which to hold a conference on health and well-being, than the ancient healing city of Bath. With its thermal hot springs serving as a lifeline for generations and its rejuvenating and inspiring energy, Bath’s longstanding reputation as a place of healing and inspiration, set the stage for the Better Way Conference.

We’ve arrived at turning point.

We truly are at a turning point in the modern history of our world. As truth seekers and pioneers, we have an opportunity to shape a new shared vision for integrative and empowered health. We will support and bring others with us to sow the seeds that future generations may harvest. 

Join us in person, virtually, or afterward to learn from each other, empower one another, and put our heads together as we co-create our path forward.

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