Better Way Conference 2022
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Conference Opening with Del Bigtree & Dr. Tess Lawrie

May 20, 2022

Conversation 1: Reclaiming Science Together

Scene Setter

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Big Pharma Corruption & Trial Data Manipulation

Dr. Robert Malone

Challenging the Pharmaceutical Industry on Adverse Events

Kim Witczak

Demystifying Data for the Benefit of the Public

Dr. Jessica Rose

The Corruption of Academia

Bret Weinstein

Q&A with Kim Witczak, Dr. Jessica Rose & Bret Weinstein

Maajid Nawaz

Regulatory Capture

Dr. Peter McCullough

Is There a Role for Vaccines in the Future?

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

How Can The Law Be Used to Reclaim Science?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

One Solution to Big Pharma’s Monopoly

Dr. Tess Lawrie

Health Activism and Our Role in Standing for Truth

Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg

Conversation 2: Managing C19 Health Consequences

Introduction to Conversation 2

Del Bigtree & Dr. Jennifer Hibberd

Reaching People to Share Truth and Solutions

David Charalambous

My Journey Fighting for the Use of Ivermectin

Dr. Jackie Stone

How to Get the Support of Governments & Institutions

Dr. Flavio Cadegiani

The Proof is in the Blood

Dr. Ryan Cole

Strategies for Healing Vaccine Damage & Shifting Away From Big Pharma

Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude

The Situation in Israel & Learning From Those Suffering Vaccine Injuries

Avital Linvy

Developing Vaccine Injury Treatment Protocols

Dr. Katarina Lindley

Psychological Support of Vaccine Injured People

Dr. Christian Buckland

The True Challenges Facing Those Injured by Vaccines

Caroline Pover

Q&A with All Speakers from Conversation 2

Moderated by Del Bigtree

Conversation 3: Fostering Active Communities

Introduction to Conversation 3

Del Bigtree, Laura Mancini, Neil Oliver

Together Declaration

Alan Miller

How to Engage Young People in the Solution

Megha Verma

Heal and Strengthen the Continuity Between Generations

Rain Trozzi

What Really Happened in Canada – Truckers Convoy

Dr. Mark Trozzi

Finding Strength to Speak Truth and Stand Up, Even If You’re Standing Alone

Dan Astin-Gregory

The Safer to Wait Campaign

Val Fraser

Conflicts of Interest

Fahrie Hassan

How the Pandemic Unfolded and How It Was Managed in India

Yohan Tengra

Unearthing Corruption in the American Healthcare System

Dr. James Todardo

A Discussion on Social Credit, Digital Currency, the WEF Agenda and the NWO

Nick Hudson

Q&A with All Conversation 3 Speakers

Moderated by Del Bigtree

Conversation 4: Reclaiming & Revolutionizing Media

Introduction to Conversation 4

Dr. Bret Weinstein & Dr. Tess Lawrie

The Ivermectin Story & Spotting a Press Campaign

Phil Harper

The Censorship & Propaganda Around Ivermectin

Dr. Pierre Kory

Mainstream Media’s Biased Approach

Mark Sharman

Problems in the Media & Suggested Solutions

Xavier Azalbert

New Media Approaches

Anna Brees

The Extinction of Old Media

Neil Oliver

Expanding the Role of the Independent Journalist

Del Bigtree

Citizen Journalism – My Approach with YouTube

John Campbell

Refocusing Journalism to be More People Centered

Michael Capuzzo

Q&A with All Conversation 4 Speakers

Hosted by Bret Weinstein

Conversation 5: Law, Justice, & Human Rights

Introduction to Conversation 5

Del Bigtree, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, & Dr. Pearl Kupe

Defending Doctors in the UK

Philip Hyland

Legal Solutions

Lois Bayliss

Holding Global Authorities to Account

Dipali Ojha

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Xavier Azalbert

Setting Up a New Legal System

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Implications of Amendments to the IHR & Resisting the WHO

Advocate Sabelo Sibanda

Action 4 Health vs the Minister of Health South Africa

Conell Loggenberg

How to Cultivate a Sovereign Life

Darren Deojee

The Difference Between the Law & the Legal System

Prof Dolores Cahill

The WHO’s Current Power Grab

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

The WHO Pandemic Treaty & Strategies Moving Forward

James Roguski

Filing for Judicial Review Regarding the IHR Amendments in the UK

Dr. Zac Cox

Q&A with All Conversation 5 Speakers

Hosted by Pearl Kupe & Del Bigtree

Conversation 6: Health, Environment, & Sovereignty

Introduction to Conversation 6

Christof Plothe, DO & Del Bigtree

Glyphosate: What Are the Issues & What Can We Do About it?

Janine Gallizia

Saving Seeds & Food Sovereignty

Raz Menzi Maseko

Organic Farming

Dr. Ryan Cole

The Healing Power of Water

Marc Cohen

How to Address Water Contamination

Jeremy Birnstingl

Water Fluoridation in the UK

Joy Warren

Environmental Electromagnetic Pollution & Our Health

Dr. Pri Bandara

Local Activism for the Effects of Smart Meters, Wireless & 5G

Karen Churchill

New Earth Manifesto

Catharina Roland

Living in Harmony with the Earth

Feisal Mansoor

Q&A with All Conversation 6 Speakers

Hosted by Del Bigtree

Conversation 7: Innovate, Integrate, & Meditate

Introduction to Conversation 7

Dr. Kat Lindley & Dr. Ryan Cole

Building New Health Systems

Dr. Rob Verkerk

How to Build a Holistic & Natural Health Society

Dr. Peter Chan

Connecting with Nature on a Daily Basis

Christof Plothe, DO

Is Medicine Able to Heal a Patient?

Dr. Stephan Becker

Empowering Women to Make Informed Birth Choices

Nickita Stark

Health Actualization with the Support of Herbals

Dr. Gilberta St Rose

Qigong, Frequency Medicine & Other Innovative Medicines

Revd. Dr. Amalia Wai Ching Lee

From Duality to Unity

Kim Knight

Q&A with All Conversation 7 Speakers

Hosted by